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LogMate is the most reliable, proven software solution since 1990

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Our History

TiPS was started in 1988 as a process controls consulting firm. On a customer engagement, we had written a software replacement for logging printers. Repeat sales encouraged us to turn it into a real product. LogMate was released in 1990 as a logging printer alternative, effectively the first ever commercial alarm management software package. A lot has changed in alarm management since, and TiPS has evolved our products and services to continue to provide best-in-class solutions to our clients. So that you will understand our commitment to alarm management here is a short tribute to our heritage.


The first version of LogMate was written on the DOS platform, which leveraged current PC technology and afforded stability and speed.


LogMate was released as the first ever fully functional, commercially available alarm management software package.


TiPS customers requested and TiPS delivered a LogMate version compatible with the Digital® VAX/VMS platform. LogMate "databases" were easy to understand and customers were already experimenting with custom alarm reports


TiPS releases the first Personal Computer (PC) version of LogMate.


TiPS releases the Windows 3.1/3.11 Versions of LogMate.


TiPS releases an OpenVMS version of LogMate.


TiPS releases LogMate for Window Version 4.10 which introduces a thin-client interface, begins adoption of Microsoft SQL Server®, and upgrades analysis and notification packages.


TiPS releases LogMate Version 5.0 which introduces the LogMate as a suite of products encompassing data collection, viewing, analysis and notification.  We also introduced our current LogMate logo with this release.


The thin-client suite packaged as TiPSView was released.


TiPS introduces TRAC™, a LogMate® module that calculates and displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and also integrates process historian data with alarms and events onto one integrated, interactive graph.


TiPS releases TiPSView version 3.0, the LogMate web browser visualization module, introducing key enhancements to improve the flexibility to the alarm knowledge base, add a notes field, provide online MOC management, and integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services.


TiPS introduces the LogMate First Out Report as part of the Alarm Configuration Expert (ACE) module to simplify root cause analysis.


TiPS releases LogMate v6.20 which introduces the Master alarm database to allow import of real-time updates and management of change functionality with alarm configuration data.

TiPS also celebrated our 20th anniversary as a company.


TiPS celebrated the 20th anniversary of LogMate as an industry-leading commercially available alarm management software product.


TiPS finalizes patent approval for our industry-leading alarm activation point calculation methodology developed in conjunction with Dr. Doug Rothenberg. This method provides a unique time to manage calculation for a user to respond to an abnormal device and prevent or reduce the unwanted consequences of the situation.